U2 Custom made for Terry Rendleman
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From: Terry Rendleman
To: Mr. Motion
Saturday, November 30, 2002 3:36 PM

Joel, the model is fantastic. It sits on the top of my entertainment center in the family room and is the source of the start of many "war stories". It is very detailed and admired by many as a great model.

In September the U-2 Pilots Assoc. had a reunion in Sacramento and my U-2 sat at the head table at the banquet attended by 350 U-2 pilots, friends and many Lockheed Skunk Works and Agency people.

The real U-2 aircraft has recently been re-engine, has a glass cockpit added and now has Block 10 sensors added. The fuselage has been pressure tested so that the aircraft built to fly 20 missions may now fly until 2040 or 85 years.

The next re-union is in 2005, the U-2's 50th birthday.

With the OV-10 and U-2 you have built for me I now have two of the three aircraft I flew for over 1000 hours.

Take care Joel and thanks again.

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Created: 12/2/2002
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