Motion Models - F-4 Phantom II

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Stock model, part # AM039-BL Custom made Phantom

Order #   Model Description   Price   Scale   Length   Wing Span
AM039-FL   F-4 "Thunderbirds"   149.95   1/42   18.0"   11.0"
AM039-AL   F-4E Phantom II, Green   149.95   1/42   18.0"   11.0"
AM039-BL   F-4E Phantom II, Gray   149.95   1/42   18.0"   11.0"
B3648F3W   F-4E Phantom II   144.51   1/48   16.5"   10.0"
B3748F3W   F-4G Phantom II, "Wild Weasel"   144.51   1/48   16.5"   10.0"
Custom   F4C, 309th TFS   call   call    
Custom   F4C, 391st TFS   call   call    
Custom   F4D, 8th TFS   call   call    
Custom   F4, 163rd TFG   call   call    
Custom   RF-4C   call   call    
Custom   F4D, 8th TFS   call   call    
Custom   F4C, 199th FS   call   call    
Custom   F4C Gen Usher   call   call    
Custom   F4E, 334th FS   call   call    
Custom   F4G   call   call    
Custom   F4G, 90th FS   call   call    
Custom   F4 (AK McDonald)   call   call    
Custom   F4 (High Res)   call   call    

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