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Military vehicles displayed in realistic settings

PzKpfw VI Tiger - crafted in wood Dora Railway Gun - crafted in wood M47 - How about this big<br> baby tank for your den? Fantastic Diorama

To order any one of these beautiful models or to discuss your own personalized custom model, please call 1-800-866-3172
from 10 AM to 5:30 PM weekdays or send email to Joel Rosen at

Order #   Model Description   Price   Scale
Custom   LTV4   $call   1/35
Custom   Humvee   $call  
Custom   Humvee (USMC Iraq)   $call  
Custom   60mm mortar round   $call  
Custom   M1A1 Abrams tank (personalized)   $call   CALL
Custom   M1A1 Abrams tank   $call   1/35
Custom   M1A1 Abrams (US Marines)   $call   1/35
Custom   M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle   $call   1/35
Custom   M4A1 Sherman   $call  
Custom   M5A1 Stuart   $call  
Custom   M8 Howitzer   $call   1/35
Custom   M8 Greyhound   $call   1/35 & 1/48
Custom   M9 ACE (Armored Combat Earthmover)   $call   1/35
Custom   M16 MGMC Half Track (US)   $call   call
Custom   M41A3 Walker Bulldog   $call   call
Custom   US Army M46 tank, Korea   $call   1/35
Custom   M46 Diorama, Korea   $call   1/35
Custom   M46 "My Girl"   $call  
Custom   M47 Patton   $call   HUGE!
Custom   M48A1 Patton   $call   call
Custom   M48A2 Patton (Hardwood)   $call  
Custom   M48A3 Tank   $call  
Custom   M60A1 Patton (Dark Green Camo)   $call   1/35
Custom   M60A-1 Tank   $call  
Custom   M60A1 Patton   $call  
Custom   M60A-3 Tank   $call  
Custom   US Army M60 tank   $call   call
Custom   US Army M60 tank   $call   1/35
Custom   M109A-2 Howitzer   $call  
Custom   M109A-6 Paladin   $call   1/35
Custom   M110A2 Howitzer   $call  
Custom   M113A-3   $call   1/35
Custom   M706 V100 Commando   $call   1/35
Custom   M730A2 Chapparel   $call  
Custom   M923 Truck   $call  
Custom   M981 (FISTV)   $call  
Custom   German armored vehicle on flat car   $call   1/35
Custom   German anti-aircraft half-track   $call   1/35
Custom   Dora Railway Gun   $call  
Custom   German Ferdinand   $call  
Custom   German Marder III   $call   1/35 & 1/48
Custom   German Marder III   $call  
Custom   German PAK40 gun team   $call  
Custom   PzKpfw VI Tiger   $call  
Custom   German SdKfz 234/3   $call  
Custom   German Stug III   $call  
Custom   German Jagdpanther   $call  
Custom   Israeli Merkava III Tank   $call   call
Custom   JS2 Stalin Tank   $call  
Custom   JS3 Stalin Tank   $call  
Custom   Soviet ASU-85 M1970   $call   1/35
Custom   Soviet BMP-2D   $call  
Custom   Soviet BTR-80 SSS   $call   1/35
Custom   Soviet ISU-152   $call  
Custom   Soviet 2S23 Nona SPG   $call   1/35
Custom   Soviet TOS-1   $call  
Custom   Soviet T-62   $call  
Custom   Soviet ZSU-23   $call   1/35

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These models are crafted from wood. Compare our Models against a cheap diecast (above right).

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