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SdKfz 234/3
SdKfz 234/3
1/35 Scale
This is a German WWII Heavy Armoured Car, the SdKfz 234/3. It is a infantry support version of this well known armored car mounting a short barrelled 75mm assault gun. This late WWII-era german vehicle was a last ditch effort by the military to get as much fire-power on the front line and on a mobile chassis.
1/35 scale
During the Ardennes offensive, also known as the Batlle of the Bulge, a large variety of German equipment was encountered. One very dangerous piece was the German Jagdpanther, mounting a 88mm gun in a eclosed casement on the Panther tank chassis. With excellent armour and firepower, its only drawback was its sluggish speed. It was an excellent defensive anti-tank vehicle, so Jagdpanthers tended to run out of fuel rather than being destroyed in combat.

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