Motion Models - M46 Tank Diorama
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Customer Testimonial
The tank model arrived Thursday afternoon. It looks very nice. I called Michael and left a message that he had done a great job, and that I appreciated his attention to detail.

I took photos, and sent them to the surviving crew member. In reply, he wrote in part the following:
....."my feeling upon seeing it ran a gamut of emotions. It seemed for a moment that your brother and I were back in the turret together taking care of business. I can't think of a better way to honor your brother, and it allows me to once again share the experiences with him. Thanks Bob".......

His appreciation far outweighs our efforts, and that is a great reward for me. I would hope that you at least appreciate what it means to an old guy who could relive it all for a few minutes. That crew really went through a lot.

Thanks again.

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