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Custom US Air Force Models

Custom Model Pricing & Ordering Information
The size & scale of the below models are only examples of what other customers have ordered. We can make any custom model in any size you would like.

To obtain special pricing on any custom model, or to place an order, please call 1-800-866-3172 (1-954-344-8512) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM EST weekdays or send email to Joel Rosen at You may FAX us at 1-954-344-8870.

Post WW2 - USAF
A1E Skyraider
A1H Skyraider, 22nd SOS | Wing Detail | display stand
A1H Skyraider, 22nd SOS
A1H Skyraider, 1st SOS
A1H Skyraider, 6th SOS
A1H, 56 SOW, Nakhon Phanom RTAFB | underside view
A7 Corsair II USAF | Nose detail | example of size
A7D, Iowa ANG (132nd TFW) | side view | underside view
A7E Corsair II, 355th MMS
A10 Thunderbolt II
A10, CALL w/s. $CALL | ordnance view | Nose view | Engine view | Wing view
A12 Blackbird
A12 Blackbird
A26 - 452nd Bomb Wing
A26 Invader Vietnam - Custom made for Major Gen. Bill Cohen | Ordnance Detail | display stand
A26 Invader | Ordnance Detail
A37 - Dragonfly
A37 Dragonfly, 45th TFS
A37 Dragonfly
AC-119G Gunship, "Charlie Chasers" | nose view | display stand
AC-119G | nose detail
AC47 "Spooky" Gunship
AC47 - 4th Air Commando Squadron | underside view
AC47 "Spooky" Gunship | nose closeup | display stand
AC130 Gunship (Green Camo) | nose closeup
AC130 Gunship (Grey) | underside view
AC130U Gunship
AC-130 "Spooky" Gunship - One bad dude! | Nose Detail | display stand | Gun detail
AT6 Texan (Korea)
B36, 48" WINGSPAN - SPECTACULAR MODEL!!!. $CALL | Robin holding HUGE model | nose detail | tail detail
B50, 93rd Bomb Wing, Castle AFB | display stand
B50 (Strategic Air Command)
(Y)B52 | nose detail
B52 | engine detail
B52D Westover AFB | Display stand
B52D - Stratofortress
B52D - Stratofortress
B52D - 43rd Strategic Wing
B52D - 307th Strategic Wing
B52D - 93rd Bomb Wing, Castle AFB | display stand
B52G | underside detail
B52G Stratofortress | Display stand
B52G Stratofortress
B52G Stratofortress | fuselage detail
B52G, 744th BSQ
B52H Stratofortress, 416th Bomb Wing
B52H, Barksdale AFB | weapons detail
B52H w/hounddog missiles | Right side profile | Right side close up | Hounddog detail | Cockpit detail | Left side profile
B58 Husler
B58 Hustler
B58 Hustler Bendix Trophy Winner | nose closeup | example of size
B66, 42nd TEWS
B66E Destroyer
XB70 Valkyrie - with working wings | wings down | wings up
C5A Galaxy
C5A Galaxy | Example of size
C5A Galaxy
C7 Caribou, 535th TAS | display stand
C7 Caribou - 20" w/s | display stand
C7 Caribou - 20" w/s | display stand
C7 Caribou (CV-2B) - 20" w/s | display stand
C7A Caribou, 903rd AES
C7 Caribou "Santa", 437th TAS
C7 Caribou, 537th TAS
C7 Caribou, 483rd TAW
C7A Caribou, 458th TAS | Right-side tail detail | overhead profile | left-side tail detail | underside detail | display stand
C9A | nice pair
C12, Nebraska Air National Guard
C12, Air National Guard
C12, 177 Jayhawkers | underside view
Custom C-17 1/300 scale made for war gaming
C17A McChord AFB
C17, 4th Airlift Squadron | display stand
C21 - Custom made for the Air Force Flight Standards Agency
C54 Skymaster MATS | Nose Detail | Tail Detail | Display Stand
C54 Skymaster - PACAF
C54 Skymaster, Berlin Airlift
C54 Skymaster (MATS)
C74 MATS | Nose Closeup
C74 Globemaster
C82 - Packet
C97 Delaware ANG
C97G, California ANG
C118 (DC6) MATS
C119G - 514th Troop Carrier Wing
c119 Flying Boxcar - "Operation Squaw II"
C119 Flying Boxcar | nose view | Display stand
C119G Flying Boxcar - "Charlie Chasers" | side view detail | nose detail
C119G Flying Boxcar
C121 Constellation, MATS
C121, 76th ATS, Charlston AFB | display stand
C121 Constellation, Charlston SC
C123 Provider | display stand
C123B Provider
C123B 33rd CAMROM
C124C Globemaster (SAC)
C124 Globemaster MAC | nose detail | display stand
C124 Globemaster SAC | tail detail | display stand
C124 Globemaster TAC | nose detail
C124 Globemaster MATS $Call
C124C Globemaster MATS | Display Stand
C124 Globemaster, 63rd TCW
C124 Globemaster, 28th MAS, Hill AFB
C124C, 3rd TCS, Donaldson AFB | nose detail
C130F, VX-30
C130A, w/special nose
C130A, "Blind Bats"
C130 Coast Guard
C130 Navy $call | how about this model? (the plane)
C130, made for the USAF Weapons Test Center at Eglin AFB | nose detail
C130A Cam Rahn Bay
C130 Alaska ANG
C130H, 182nd Air Wing Peoria Illinois ANG
C130 - 54th Weather Recon Sq.
C130J-30 - 145th Airlift Wing | display stand
C130J, VMGR-252
C130J - McGuire AFB | tail detail
C130 - Green Camo | tail detail
C130 - 514th Air Mobility Wing | display stand
C130J - McGuire AFB
C130J, "General Electric"
C133 Cargomaster (MATS)
C133 Cargomaster
C-133 Cargomaster
C-133 Cargomaster
C-133 Cargomaster, 84th MAS
C141B Starlifter
C141B Starlifter - Volant Rodeo '87
C141 Starlifter - McGuire AFB
C141 Starlifter - McCord AFB
C141 Starlifter - MAC
EB-57E Canberra
EB66 Destroyer, (silver)
EB66 Destroyer, (white)
EB66 - General Ken Israel
EB66 Destroyer, 42nd TEWS
EC18 Aria | display stand
EC47 | Nose closeup
EC-121H Warning Star
EC-121H Warning Star | display stand
EC-121K Warning Star
EC-121S Warning Star, 20" w/s | display stand
EC-121 AEW, 20" w/s | display stand
EC121S - 193rd Spec Ops Sq. | Display Stand
EC130E 51st TAC
EC130E, 41st ECS - 20" W/S | antenna detail
EC130 - 41st ECS
EC-135 Aria | Nose Detail | display stand
EC135 - Apollo Aria | Display Stand
EC135 - Apollo Aria
F4C, 391st TFS, Cam Rahn AB
F4C, 309th TFS, Cam Rahn AB
F4C, 199th FS, Hawaii
F4D 8th TFS
F4E, Marines, (USS Coral Sea), 20" Fus
F4, USAF - High Detail | Fuselage Detail | cockpit detail | bottom view
F4, Col. AK McDonald | side view | side view close up | display stand
F4E, Navy, (USS Ranger)
F4E, Navy, (USS Constellation)
F4G Phantom, 90th Fighter Squadron
F4C, General Bill Usher, 559th TFS | Display Stand
F4D, 8th TFS | Display Stand
F4, 163rd TFG
F4E Phantom, 334th FS
F5E - Tiger II
F15A - 7th FS
F15B, Florida ANG | underside view
F15C - 493rd Fighter Squadron
F15C - Eglin AFB | tail detail | underside detail
F15C - 555th FS, Luke AFB
F15C "Grim Reapers" | Display stand
F15C St. Louis A.N.G., - $CALL | fuselage detail
F15C, 44th Fighter Squadron (Kadena Japan)
F15D, 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron | Portside view | Cockpit detail | tail detail | underside detail | display stand
F15E, $CALL | Now THIS is an F-15! | ordnance detail
F15E | underwing view
F16C - Head Hunters
F16C - 8th OPS Group
F16C (NYANG) | underside view | Tail Detail
F16C, FWS Graduate Model, TREMENDOUS, $CALL | Personalized Display Stand
F16C $CALL | nose detail | tail detail | Robin holding model
F16C | tail detail | ordnance detail | Robin holding model | Customer Testimonial
F16C | Wing detail | Personalized display stand
F16C made for LT. General Mike Nelson
F16C Wild Weasel, 35th Fighter Wing | Ordnance detail
F16D, Iowa Air Guard | display stand
F16C, 122nd Fighter Wing (Indiana) | Tail Detail | display stand
F16 - 8th OPS Group | tail detail
F16 - Colorado ANG | tail detail
F16D, 23rd FS
F82 Twin Mustang (korea)
F82 Twin Mustang | Display Stand
F84F, FS-631
F84A - 92nd FS
F84G Thunderjet
F86A - Highest scoring Korean war ace Major James J. Jabara. Made for U.S. Air Force Academy.
F86A "Skyblazers"
F86D Sabre
F86D Sabre
F86D Sabre
F86D Sabre | display stand
F86F Sabre
F86F "The Huff" | Nose Detail
F86F, 8th Fighter Wing
F86F - 391st Fighter Bomber Sq.
F86F - 81st FS

Comparison between model sizes

F86D with optional helmet on display stand | Helmet closeup 1 | Helmet closeup 2
F86D, 94th FIS
F86D, 326th FIS
F86D, 512th FIS
F86F USAF Astronaut John Glenn (Korea) "Mig Mad Marine"
F86F | Display stand
F86F Sabre, "Valley of the Sun" | fuselage detail
F86H, Puerto Rico ANG
F86L - 39th FS
F89 Scorpion | Display Stand | Robin holding model
F89 Scorpion, 321st FIS | display stand
F94C Starfire | example of actual size of model
F94C Starfire
F94C Starfire, 46th FIS
F94C Starfire
F94C Starfire
F100 Super Sabre | high angle view
F100 Super Sabre
F100 Super Sabre
F100 Super Sabre | Close up view
F100 Super Sabre
F100 Super Sabre
F100 Super Sabre | underside view
F100D "Thunderbirds"
F100 "Thunderbirds"
F100D, 615th Tactical Fighter Squadron
F101 Voodoo | Fuselage Detail
F101 Voodoo, Minnesota ANG | display stand
F101A Voodoo, 437th FIS
F101B - Voodoo
F102 Delta Dagger | tail detail
F102 Alaskan Air Command
F102 Delta Dagger | Display stand
F102 Delta Dagger, North Dakota ANG | tail detail
F102 Delta Dagger
F102 - 64th FIS | Display Stand
F102 - 57th FIS | Display Stand
F102A - Aerospace Defense Command
F102 Delta Dagger custom made for Col. Howard Batten, FLANG, with Testimonial letter.
F102A - 95th FS
F102A - 94th FIS
F102 Florida ANG
F102A, 327th FIS, Wisconsin ANG
F102A, 323rd FIS
F104C | Personalized display stand
F104C, 198th TFS, P.R.A.N.G. | Personalized Display Stand
F104 Puerto Rico A.N.G. | Personalized Display Stand
F105D Thunderchief
F105 Thunderchief (USAF)
F105 | nose detail
F105D | wing & display stand detail
F105D Thunderchief, 44th TFS | display stand
F105D Thunderchief 53RD Fighter Squadron
F105D Thunderchief, 354th FIS
F106A Delta Dart
F106 - NJ ANG
F106, 5th FIS | display stand
F106, 87th FIS | Fuselage Detail | display stand
F106 Delta Dart | tail detail
F106 Delta Dart
F106B Delta Dart
FB111 - 509th Bomb Wing
FB111 - 509th Bomb Wing
F111 Aardvark Davis Monthan AFB Commemoration | nose detail
F111 Aardvark $SPECIAL ORDER - Please Call
F111 Aardvark $SPECIAL ORDER - Please Call | ordnance view
F111F, 48th TFW
F-117A 4450th Tactical Group
F117 Nighthawk
HC-97G Stratofreighter
HC130 Hercules (USAF) | Display stand
HC130P - 71st Rescue Squadron
Hound Dog Missile GAM-77 (AGM-28)
Hound Dog - 379th AMMS
HU-16 Albatross, USAF Rescue
HU-16 Albatross, USAF Rescue
JKC135R - "Liki Tiki" | Display Stand
JKC135R | Display Stand
KB-29A, 1st Airborne Tanker
KB-29M, Tanker | refueling boom detail
KB50, 431st AREFS | display stand
KC10 - McGuire AFB | Display Stand
KC10 | display stand
KC10, 9th Air Refueling SQ | display stand
KC97 - New York Air National Guard
KC-97G, 340TH ARS
KC130, VMGR-252 | display stand
KC130, VMGR-252 | top down view
KC135 | display stand
KC135 | display stand
KC135R - 186th Air Refueling Wing | Display Stand
KC135R, Tanker
KC135R, Tinker AFB
KC135R, Fairchild AFB, 92nd ARW
KC135R, 339th ARS McConnell AFB
MC-12 Liberty
MC-130E Combat Talon | Nose Detail | Display stand
N9M Northrup Flying Wing
NC-130A | Nose Detail
OC-135 Open Skies | Tail Detail | Display stand
O2 Skymaster, (Vietnam) | Display stand
O2 Skymaster 19th TASS Bunh Thuy
O2 Skymaster 21st TASS
OV-10A, 23rd TASS
OV-10A, Light ATKRON-4
OV-10 Bronco (USAF) | Nose closeup
PA-18 - USAF (yellow)
RB26C Invader | display stand
RB26C Invader
RB45 Tornado
RB47H | Nose Detail
RB47, 358th Bomb Squadron Davis Monthan AFB
RB50, Rhein-Mein AFB, Frankfort | display stand
RB57 Canberra
RB57D Canberra
RB66 Destroyer, 30th TAC Recon | display stand
RC26 - Air National Guard
RC135D, "Office Boy"
RC135D, "Office Boy"
RC135, "Rivit Amber"
RF4C Phantom (Marines) | Display Stand
RF4C, 91st TRS
RF80, 15th TAC | display stand
RF80, 15th TAC | Display Stand
RF84K | fuselage detail | display stand
RF101 Voodoo
R5D, "Berlin Airlift"
SA16 Albatross | display stand
TF-101B Voodoo
T-1A, Jayhawk
T-6G Texan - USAF (yellow)
T29 (silver)
T29 Navigational Trainer | Nose Detail | display stand
T33 Shooting Star
T33 Shooting Star, "Little Jug" | underside view
T34A Mentor
T34A Mentor | underside view
T37A - Tweetie Bird
T37 - Tweetie Bird | Display Stand
T37, 33rd FTS, "Dragons" | tail detail | nose detail | underside detail
T37, 37th FTS
T37 - 71st FTS
T37 - 85th Training Sq. | Display Stand
T38, 82nd FTS
T38 Talon, 50th Training Sq. | display stand
T38 Talon
T38 Talon (Red Bull) | underside view | display stand
T38 Talon
T-38A - 52nd Fighter Training Squadron, Reece AFB Texas
T39 Sabreliner
T39A, Barksdale AFB | underside view
T41 Trainer
T41 Air Training Command
T43 452nd Flight Test Squadron
T-43, 562 TFS, "Spirit of San Antonio" | Nose Detail | Display stand
T-43 Gator, 452 TFS | display stand
U2, made for Terry Rendleman | Display Stand | example of size | customer testimonial
VC25 Air Force One, George W. Bush | display stand
VC118 Liftmaster
VC121 "Columbine", Ike's Air Force One | Nose Detail | Display Stand
VC135 - a nice pair
VC140B Jet Star (President Livery - USAF)
VC140B Jet Star
WB50, Air Force Weather Agency | fuselage detail | display stand
WC135 | tail view | nose view | port side view | overhead view | underside view | high angle view
WC135, Made for the USAF Technical Applications Center - 20" fuselage | display stand
WC135, Constant Phoenix
WC135, 41ST CAMS
Boeing X32 JSF
X33 Custom made for NASA $CALL | Now that's a spaceship model!
XB70 Valkyrie with working wings!
YF-23 Black Widow II

Custom US Army Aviation Models

CASA 212, US Army Spec Ops
C-23 Sherpa
DHC-2 Beaver (US Army)
L19 Bird Dog
L19 Bird Dog (Korea) | Display stand
L19 Bird Dog
L19 Bird Dog | Display stand
Nike Hercules, 176th Arty, Dorseyville PA. | A pair of hurt | display stand
O2 Skymaster, Air Combat Command
OV-1 Mohawk
OV-1 Mohawk (Army)
OV-1 Mohawk (US Army) | display stand
OV-10 Bronco (Navy) | Nose closeup | display stand
OV-10 (Marines)
RC-12 Guardrail
RU-8D Seminole
U-21A Ute

This is what we mean by "large"!

Credit cards welcome.

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