Custom Commercial & Business Aviation Models

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Custom Model Pricing & Ordering Information
The size & scale of the below models are only examples of what other customers have ordered. We can make any custom model in any size you would like.

To obtain special pricing on any custom model, or to place an order, please call 1-800-866-3172 (1-954-344-8512) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM EST weekdays or send email to Joel Rosen at You may FAX us at 1-954-344-8870.

Airbus A300 (Pan Am)
Airbus A319, Frontier | Tail Detail
Airbus A320, jet Blue
Airbus A320, US Air
A320 China Southern | Fuselage Detail | display stand
Airbus A320 "USA 3000"
Airbus A320 Independence Air
A340-500, Singapore Air | Example of size
A340-600, Virgin Atlantic
AT32 Condor, American Airlines (US MAIL) | nose close up | tail detail | example of size
Argosy 650, Capitol Airlines | fuselage detail
ATR-72, FedEx
Beech 1900, Great Lakes Air
Beech 1900, US Air Express
Beech 1900, United Express
Beech 1900, Awesome Aviation (South Africa) | underside view | pair of models
Beech Baron
Beech Baron
Beech Duke
Beech Duke (late)
Beech G18S
Beech H18 - Polynesian Airways
Beech King Air C-90
Beech King Air C-90
Beech King Air 200
Beech King Air 200
Beech King Air 300
Beech King Air 350 | A nice pair
Boeing B307, TWA - 1st Pressurized Airliner
Boeing 707-100, Qantas
Boeing 707, American Freight
Boeing 707, Pan Am
Boeing 707, TWA
Boeing 707, Continental
Boeing 727, Pan Am
Boeing 727, Eastern
Boeing 727, Eastern
Boeing 727-100, Trump
Boeing 727-200, Braniff
Boeing 727-200, Eastern | underside view
Boeing 727-200, TWA
Boeing 727, First Air
Boeing 737, Continental
Boeing 737, Piedmont
Boeing 737, Midway
Boeing 737, Southwest
Boeing 737, Frontier
Boeing 737, Air Florida
Boeing 737, Southwest Air | "Arizona One" - Nose closeup
Boeing 737-200, Piedmont
Boeing 737-700 Southwest | underside view
Boeing 737, US Airways
Boeing 737, US Air
Boeing 737, MetroJet
Boeing 737-400, Senator McCain "Straight Talk Express"
Boeing 737-400, UTair
Boeing 737-400, Xtra Airways
Boeing 737-800, Continental
Boeing 737-800, Delta
Boeing 737-800, Turkish Airlines
Boeing 747-200, TWA
Boeing 747-400, Philippine Airlines
Boeing 747-400, Singapore Air | nose view | front detail | display stand - EXCELLENT PAINT JOB
Boeing 747, El Al
Boeing 747, Cathay Pacific | Fuselage Detail
Boeing 747, China Air Cargo | Tail Detail
Boeing 747, Virgin Atlantic
Boeing 747, Pan Am
Boeing 747, TWA
Boeing 747, Northwest Air, New paint scheme | Old Scheme | display stand
Boeing 747, Pan-Am
Boeing 757, Eastern
Boeing 757, Continental
Boeing 757, ATA
Boeing 757, Eastern
Boeing 757, US Airways
Boeing 757, Song | underside detail
Boeing 767, Egypt Air Custom made for NTSB Investigators.
Boeing 777, United
Boeing 777, Korean Airlines
Bombardier CRJ 200, US Airways Express
Bombardier CRJ 200 - Independence Air
Bombardier CRJ 200 Independence Air
Bombardier CRJ 700, Regional Jet | Nose closeup
Bombardier RJ 85, Regional Jet (Canadair) | Nose closeup
Bombardier CL65-200, United Express
Bombardier CL600, Delta
Cessna 208B Caravan, FedEx
Cessna Citation
Cessna Citation | display stand
Cessna Citation II
Cessna Citation II
Cessna Citation CJ1 | display stand
Cessna Citation CJ2 | fleet of 5
Cessna Citation CJ3 | underside detail
Cessna Citation Excel
Cessna Citation Excel
Cessna Citation Excel - (Trio)
Cessna Citation - James Brown, "7 decades of funk"
Cessna Citation 500
Cessna Citation 525
Cessna Citation 560XL
Cessna Citation V
Cessna Citation X
Cessna Citation X
Challenger 600
Challenger 601 | side view | underside view
Challenger 601 | underside view
Challenger 604 - Fleet Capitol Leasing | Display Stand
Challenger 604
Challenger 604
Convair 440, US President (pre-Air Force One)
Convair 640
Convair 880 | Example of size
Convair 880, Delta
Convair 990, Northeast
Convair 990, Swissair
DC3, North Central Airlines
DC3, Trans Texas Airways
DC-3, American
DC3, American Airlines | display stand
DC-3TP, US Forest Service | side view
DC4 (C46), Westair Transport
DC4 United
DC6, United
DC6, Olympic Airways
DC6, United
DC7, Eastern
DC8, United Airlines
DC9, Air Tran
DC9, New York Air
DC9, New York Air | underside detail
DC9, US Air
DC10, National
DC10, FedEx
DC10, FexEx
DC10-30, Northwest Orient
DeHavilland Dash7 (Pan Am) | tail detail
DeHavilland DHC 8 (Piedmont)
DeHavilland Dash8 (Continental)
DeHavilland DHC-8-200 US Airways express
Embraer ERJ-145 Frontier | tail detail
Embraer ERJ-145 US Airways Express
Embraer ERJ-145 (Delta, Trans World, US Air)
Embraer Legacy
Embraer Legacy
Embraer Legacy Execujet
Embraer Brasilia, ASA
EMB-120, United/SkyWest | display stand
EMB-120, SkyWest
Embraer Brasilia 120 United Express
Falcon 10
Falcon 10
Falcon 20
Falcon 50 | display stand
Falcon 50 (Kroger) | underside view | Pair of Falcons
Falcon 900
Falcon 900
Falcon 2000
Falcon 2000 LX
Dassault Falcon EX - (Trio)
Fokker 27, FedEx | landing gear detail
Fokker F100, US Air
Fokker Super Universal, Standard Airways
Gulfstream TurboCommander 690
Gulfstream II
Gulfstream III
Gulfstream III
Gulfstream IV | example of size
Gulfstream IV - Fleet Capitol Leasing | Display Stand
Gulfstream V
Gulfstream V (4 of them), Fleet Capital | display stand
Gulfstream G200 Galaxy
Gulfstream G200 | underside detail
Gulfstream G V
Gulfstream G V
Gulfstream G IV SP - (trio)
Gulfstream G550 - (trio)
Gulfstream 550
Gulfstream G4
Gulfstream Galaxy Aerospace SPX
Hawker 400 (white)
Hawker 400 (black/silver)
Hawker 700
Hawker 800
Hawker 800XP
Hawker 800XP
Jetstream 31, United Express
Jetstream 31, US Airways Express
BAE Jetstream 41 United Express
Learjet 31 | fleet of 3
Learjet 35
Learjet 35A
Learjet 36 w/special instrumentation pod | display stand
Learjet 45
Learjet 55
Learjet 55
Learjet 55
Learjet 55
Learjet 60
L1011, American Trans Air
Lockheed L2000 (Delta)
Martin 404, Piedmont Airlines
Martin Mars - Firebomber
MD80 Spirit
MD80 US Air
MD80, Midway
MD80, US Air
MD88, Delta | side view | underside view
Rockwell Commander 700
SAAB 340, American Express
SAAB 340, Air Roratanga
SAAB 340, Continental Connection
SUD Caravelle III - United
Vickers Super VC-10 - BOAC
Westwind I
Westwind II

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