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Custom US Naval Aviation Models

Custom Model Pricing & Ordering Information
The size & scale of the below models are only examples of what other customers have ordered. We can make any custom model in any size you would like.

To obtain special pricing on any custom model, or to place an order, please call 1-800-866-3172 (1-954-344-8512) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM EST weekdays or send email to Joel Rosen at You may FAX us at 1-954-344-8870.

WW2 Vintage
AT6 Texan (Korea)
Brewster SB2A
F2F-1 | highly detailed insignia
F4F-4 Wildcat, Lt. CDR Thach (Midway Hero) | Engine detail | Display Stand
F4U-5 AU1 w/folded wings | right side | left side
F4U Corsair, USS Shangrila
F4U Corsair, Pappy Boyington | Nose/Engine detail | Display stand
F4U Corsair, Pappy Boyington, Black Sheep Squadron | Wing Detail | Cockpit Detail
F4U-5N Navy Korea
F6F Hellcat
F6F Hellcat
F6F Hellcat - VF9
F6F-5 Hellcat
F6F Hellcat Navy Super Ace David McCampbell | engine detail | display stand
F8F Bearcat "Glenview"
F8F Bearcat
F8F-1 Bearcat | another view
JRM-2 Martin Mars
N3N "Yellow Peril" | Cockpit/Pilot Detail
N3N, US Naval Academy | A flight of 3 N3N's!
N3N - US Navy | side portrait
PBY-5A (bright blue)
PBY-5A | cockpit detail | wing detail
PBY-5A, PM61 | cockpit detail | display stand
PBY-5A, VP-91 | cockpit detail
PBY-5A (USAF Rescue)
PBY USAF 24" W/S w/depth charge bombs
P-6E Curtiss Hawk - GORGEOUS!!
PE-6 Curtiss Hawk
P-26 Peashooter | Fuselage Detail | Engine Detail
SBD Dauntless | Display Stand
SB2C Helldiver
SNC-1, Curtiss Falcon
SNJ. Pensacola NAS
N2S Stearman | engine detail
Stearman (USAF)
N2S Stearman Navy - comparison of standard vs. oversize models
PT-17 Stearman (Hi Detail)
PT-19 Cornell
PT-22 - Ryan Recruit | Another view
TBF/TBM Avenger | display stand
TBF/TBM Avenger, VC-88 | display stand
TBM Avenger, VOC-1
TBM Avenger, US Naval Reserve

click to view display full size
F-4F, SBD & TBF/TBM - Display made for a Naval Air Station

Post WW2 - US Naval Aviation
AJ1 Savage, HATRON-8 | starboard tail | starboard fuselage | overview | port tail | underside detail
AJ1 Savage, VAH-91
AJ2 Savage
A3D Skywarrior
A3D Skywarrior
A3D Skywarrior, CVA-31 | display stand
A4M Skyhawk, VMA-331
A4M Skyhawk, VMA-331
A4M Skyhawk, VMA-223
A4C Skyhawk, VA-66
A4C Skyhawk, VA-76
A4C Skyhawk, VA-66
A4C Skyhawk, VA-76
A4C Skyhawk, VA-46
A4D Skyhawk, VA-36 | display stand
A4D Skyhawk
A4D Skyhawk (Marines)
A4C Skyhawk | Display stand
A4C - VA-36 (USS America)
A4C - VA-55
A4D Skyhawk w/Nuke | underside view | Display stand
A4D - VA-66
A4E Skyhawk, USS Shangri La, VA-152 | underside view | Display Stand
A4D, VA-155 "Silver Foxes"
A4F - VA-23
A4F, VA-22 (USS Bon Homme Richard)
A4F, VA-22 top profile | underside view
A4F, VA-113
A4F Skyhawk
A4D VMA-214 (Black Sheep)
A4E Skyhawk, VA-152 | underside view
A4E, "Aggressor"
A5 Vigilante USN
A6A - VA-85
A6A Intruder, VA-176
A6A Intruder, VMA AW-242 (Da Nang)
A6E Intruder, VA-128
A6E Intruder, VA-34 Blue Blasters | Display Stand (smoking skull)
A6E Intruder | Display Stand (Attakron 35)
A6E Intruder (Marines) 15" fus | Display Stand
A6E, Marines, VMAT (AW) 202 | Display stand
A6A, Marines, MCAS Cherry Point | Bottom view | Wing Detail | Display stand
A6E, Navy, USS Kitty Hawk. | Bottom view | Wing Detail | Display stand
A6E Intruder, VA-65 | Display Stand
A6E Intruder, VA-12
A6E Intruder, VA-65
AD-1 Skyraider, USS Valley Forge
AD3 Skyraider | underside view
AD-3, VMA-121
AD-4, VA-702 | AD-4 w/ wingman
AD-4, USS Antietam
AD-4, USS Tarawa | Underwing view
AD-4, VMA-214
AD-4N, VC-35 (Korea)
AD-4 VF-54
AD-4B VMA-211 | display stand
AD-5, VC-35, DFC winner (Korea) | display stand with medal
AD-5, VC-33
AD-5W, VA-12
AD-5W, VAW-12
AD-5N, U.S.S. Lake Champlain
AD-6, VF-194
AD-6, VMJ-3
AD-6 Skyraider (Marines)
AD-6 Skyraider U.S.S. Intrepid | Wing/ordnance Detail
AD-6 Skyraider (Navy) U.S.S. Coral Sea
AD-6 Skyraider USS Hancock | display stand
AD-6 Skyraider | display stand
AD-6 VC-35 | underside view
AD-6 VA-15
AD7 Skyraider, VA-25
A7E Corsair II, VA-37 | display stand
A7E Corsair II, VA-22
A7E Corsair II, VA-27 | underside view | display stand
A7E Corsair II, VA-82 | underside view | display stand
A7 Corsair II, Custom made for Admiral Robert Nutwell, Assistant Secretary of Defense.
A7E Corsair II, VA-86 USN | How's this for a handfull of model? We mean the A-7 of course!
A7E Corsair II, VA-56 USS Midway | display stand
A7 Corsair II USAF | Nose detail
A7E Corsair II, VFA25
A7A/B, VA-215
AFS-2 - Guardian
C2 Grayhound (USS Kitty Hawk)
C9B, VR-56
C12 Huron
C12 Huron - Guantanamo
C54 Skymaster, (Marines) | Display stand
C118 (R6D) Liftmaster, VR-21 | display stand
C118 (R6D) Liftmaster, VR-51 | display stand
C118 Liftmaster, VR-51 (a pair) | display stands
C118 Liftmaster (R6D)
C118 Liftmaster (DC6)
C130 Coast Guard
C130 Navy | how about this model? (the plane)
C130, made for the USAF Weapons Test Center at Eglin AFB | nose detail
C130, VR22 US Navy
C130J - VMGR-252
C130J - VMGR-252
EA-1F Skyraider, VAW-33 | cockpit detail
EA-1F Skyraider, VAW-13
EA-1F Skyraider, VAQ-33
EA-4F, VAQ-33
EA6B, Experimental Navy | Bottom view | Display stand
EA6B Prowler, VAQ-141 | tail detail | Display Stand
EA6B Prowler, VAQ-132
EA6B Prowler, VAQ-136
EKA3B Skywarrior, Tanker | Refueling Probe
EKA3B Skywarrior, VAW-131, USS Ranger | display stand
EKA3B Skywarrior, VAQ-133
E1B Tracer, VAW-12
E1B Tracer
E1B Tracer, VAW-111
E1B Tracer, VAW-111
E1B Tracer, VAW-11
E1B Tracer, VAW-11
E2C Hawkeye, VAW-123
E2C Hawkeye | Display Stand
E2C Hawkeye | Detail view
E2C Hawkeye (USS Kittyhawk) | Nose Detail | Closeup of Cockpit | Tail Detail | Robin & Model
E2C Hawkeye, VAW-113 | tail detail
EP3 Aries, VQ-2
EP3 Aries III
EP3E Aries
F-2G Super Corsair
FJ3 VF173 "Jesters"
FJ-4B Fury
F2H-2P Banshee (Marines)
F2H-2P Banshee (Marines), VMJ-1
F2H-2P Banshee
F2H-2 Banshee
F3H-2 Demon, VF-151
F3D Skynight (Navy Trainer)
F3D Skynight (Marines) | display stand
F3D Skynight (Marines) | display stand
F3D Skynight
F3H-2 - Demon | side view
F3H-2 - Demon, VF-151
F3H - Demon
F4D-1 Skyray (Marines)
F4D Skyray, VMF AW 115
F4D Skyray, VMF-542
F4B, VMFA-531
F-4B, VF-213
F4E, Marines, (USS Coral Sea)
F4, USAF - High Detail | Fuselage Detail | cockpit detail | bottom view
F4, Col. AK McDonald | side view | side view close up | display stand
F4E, Navy, (USS Ranger)
F4E, Navy, (USS Constellation)
F-4N, VMFA-314
F4N, Navy (USS Constellation) | display stand
F4B, USS Coral Sea, VF-51 | Display Stand
F4S, USS Midway, VFA-151 | Display Stand
F4J - VF-154, USS Ranger | side view
F4J - VF-92, USS Constellation | underside view
F4B - VF-213, USS Kitty Hawk | underside view
F4B - VMFA-531
F-4J, VF-92
F-4J, VF-151 (USS Midway)
F-4J, VF-11 (USS Forrestal)
F4J, VMFA-334
F-4N, VMFA-314
F-4N, (USS Enterprise)
F7F Tigercat | ordnance Detail
F7F-2D Tigercat
F8E Crusader, VMFA-3331
F8 Crusader | Tail Detail
F8 Crusader
F8 Crusader "SUNDOWNERS"
F8H Crusader, VF-111 Sundowners
F9F Panther
F9F Panther, VF-781 | display stand
F9F Panther, VA-192 | Display Stand
F9F8 Cougar, VT-23 | display stand
F9F8 Cougar, VM-CJ3
F11F Tiger
F11F Tiger, VT-23
F14D, VF-2
F14A, VF-102 | display stand
F14 Tomcat | example of actual size of model | display stand
F14 Tomcat (Wolfpack) | nose detail | example of actual size of model
F14 Tomcat (VF-111 Sundowners) | nose detail | display stand | example of actual size of model
F14A, VF-51, USS Carl Vinson | low angle view | display stand
F14, VF-32
F14D - NAS Miramar
F14A, VF-111
FA18A - VMFA-314
F18, nice camo job
F18E/F Hornet | Wing/ordnance Detail
FA18 Hornet | Wing/ordnance Detail | Display stand
FA18D Hornet | Wing/ordnance Detail
FA18C Hornet, VMFA-312
F18 Hornet | Tail Detail
F/A-18D Hornet, SUPER MODEL - $CALL! | Tail Detail
F/A-18F Super Hornet, spl. order - $CALL! | Wing Detail
FA-18, VFA-204
FA18 Hornet, VFA-87 | underside view
FA18B Hornet - US Navy Test Pilot School
F18E, VFA-136
F18C, VFA-82
HC-130 (Marines)
KC130, VR-64
KC-130F, VR-22
KC-130J, VMGR-152
LC-130H, VXE-6 | Display Stand
LC-130, VXE-6
L39 Albatross | Display Stand
Marchetti SF-260 (US Navy)
Martin Mars - Firebomber
OV-10 Bronco (Navy) | Nose closeup | display stand
OV-10 Bronco (USAF) | Nose closeup
OV-10 (Marines)
OY-2 Sentinel, USMC
P2V7 Neptune, VP-11
P2V7 Neptune, VP-11
P2V Neptune, VP-23
P2V Neptune, VP-23 | display stand
P2V-5 - Neptune
P2V-5 Neptune, VP-832 (Brooklyn, NY)
P2V-5F Neptune, VP-832 (dark Gray)
P2V-5 - Neptune, VP-5
P2V-7 - Neptune, VP-5
P-3A Orion, VP-50
P3B Orion, VP-1
P3C Orion, VP-88
P3B Orion, VP-67
P3C - Orion, VP-94
P3C - Orion, VP-45
P3C Orion | Wing Detail
P3C Orion, VP-50 | Display Stand
P3C Orion, VP-8 | display stand
P3C Orion, Patrol Four | display stand
P3C Orion, VP-6
P3C Orion, Patron 46
P3C Orion, VP-24
PB4Y-1 Privateer
PB4Y-2 Privateer
PB4Y-2 Privateer
PB4-Y Privateer
PB4Y-2 Privateer - US Coast Guard
PB4Y-2 Privateer, "Blunderbuss" | nose detail
PB4Y-2 Privateer
PB4Y-2A, Privateer, VP-17
PB4Y-2, Privateer, VP-87
PBM Mariner
P4M Mercator
P4M Mercator
P4M Martin Mercator | display stand
P4M Martin Mercator, VP-21
P5M-1 Marlin | display stand
P5M Marlin, VP45 | display stand
P5M-2 Marlin
P5M-2 Marlin
P5M Marlin, VP-40
P5M Marlin, VP-47
P5M Marlin, VP-48
P6M Seamaster | Size example of P6M & R3Y Navy models
PV-2 - Harpoon
QF-4B drone
R4D, US Navy
R4Q-2, (C119 USMC)
R5D, VR-21 | display stand
R5D, VMR-152, Marines
RF4B Phantom, VMCJ-1
RF4C Phantom (Marines) | Display Stand
RF-8A, VFP-61
RF-8E, VP-63
S2F Tracker, VT-31 | side view
S2F Tracker, VS-36
S2F Tracker, USN
S2F Tracker, VS-41 | Display Stand
S2F Tracker, VS-772
S2F Tracker, VS-27
S2G Tracker, VS-27 | Display Stand
S3A, VS-29
S3A, VS-30
S3 Viking, VS-31
S3 Viking, USN
S3 Viking, USN | Nose Detail
S3B Viking
S3B Viking, VS-35 "Blue Wolves" | display stand
S3B Viking - White House Presentation
S3 Viking, VS-21 | underside view
S3 Viking, VS-33
T2A - Buckeye, VT-7 | side view | underside view
TA-4, Skyhawk VT-86
T28 Trojan
T28 Trojan, VT-5
T28 Trojan | display stand
T28 Trojan, VT-2
T28B, VT-2
T28C Trojan, VT-5
T33 - Kingsville NAS
T33 Marines
T34A, VT-1
T34B Mentor
T34B Mentor
T34B Mentor
T34 Mentor
T34C Mentor, VT-27
T39 Sabreliner - TRARON 86
T44, VT31 | display stand
T44A, Training Squadron 311
T45 Goshawk
WV2, VW-4 | underside detail
WV2 | Display Stand
WV2 Warning Star, VW-4 (black)
WV2 Warning Star, VW-4 (white)

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