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Custom Private Aviation Models

Custom Model Pricing & Ordering Information
The size & scale of the below models are only examples of what other customers have ordered. We can make any custom model in any size you would like.

To obtain special pricing on any custom model, or to place an order, please call 1-800-866-3172 (1-954-344-8512) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM EST weekdays or send email to Joel Rosen at You may FAX us at 1-954-344-8870.

Aeronca Champ
Aeronca Champ
Aeronca A7
Aeronca A-7
Aero Commander
Aero Commander
Aero Commander
Aero Commander 500S
Aero Commander 645
Aero Commander 690B - US Department of Interior
Aero Commander 840
Air Tractor Crop Duster
American Champion Citabria
American Legend Cub
Aviat Husky
Aviat Husky A-1C
Beech Baron
Beech Baron
Beech Baron B58
Beech Bonanza
Beech Bonanza
Beech Bonanza
Beech Bonanza
Beech Bonanza
Beech Bonanza 35
Beech Bonanza 36
Beech Duke
Beech Duke (late)
Beech King Air C-90
Beech King Air 200
Beech King Air 200 - Gulf Coast Aviation | underside view
Beech King Air 300
Beech Super King Air 200
Beech Super King Air 200GT
Beech Skipper
Beech Starship
Beech Twin Bonanza
Belanca Citabria (on floats)
Bellanca Super Decathlon
Bellanca Decathlon, "Cloud Dancer"
Bellanca Citabria
Bellanca Citabria (red)
Bellanca Cruisair
Bellanca Super Viking | Underside view
Berkut 540 | head-on view | wingtip detail | rear view | display stand
Berkut Vari-Eze | side view
Bowers Fly Baby
Cessna 150
Cessna 172, Embry Riddle, "1st Solo"
Cessna 172, Embry Riddle, "Class of 2005"
Cessna 172 | display stand - Made for Embry Riddle Graduate.
Cessna 172
Cessna 172 | tail detail | display stand
Cessna 172 SG
Cessna 177, KFBK NewsTalk 1530
Cessna 180 Float Plane
Cessna 182, PA State Police | display stand
Cessna 182Q
Cessna 182T
Cessna 195 Blue & Silver
Cessna 195 Cream & Green
Cessna 195
Cessna 195 w/Charcoal canopy | standard canopy
Cessna 206 Stationair
Cessna 206 Stationair
Cessna 206
Cessna 206
Cessna 208 w/cargo pod | underside detail
Cessna Centurian 210
Cessna 210
Cessna 210M
Cessna 210R (w/custom paint job) | side view | underside view
Cessna 210R
Cessna 310
Cessna 310
Cessna 310
Cessna 310P
Cessna 310q
Cessna 310
Cessna turbo 310
Cessna 310R
Cessna 310R
Cessna 310R | display stand
Cessna 310B Sky King "Song Bird" | front view | display stand
Cessna 320 Skynight
Cessna 340
Cessna 414A
Cessna 414WG
Cessna 421
Cessna 421
Cessna AG Wagon
Cessna Chancellor
Cessna Skylane
Cessna Skymaster
Cessna Skymaster
Cessna Skymaster
Cessna Skymaster 337 (1965)
Cessna Turbo Skylane
Cessna 340
Cessna Conquest 425
Cessna Conquest
Cessna Conquest 425 | side profile
Cirrus SR-20
Cirrus SR-20
Cirrus SR-20
Cirrus SR-22
Cirrus SR-22
Columbia 400 | Underside view
Commander 690
Comp Air 8 Turbo
DeHavilland Beaver | underside view
DeHavilland Beaver | display stand
DeHavilland Beaver | fuselage detail | display stand
DeHavilland Beaver
DeHavilland Beaver DHC2 (Wyoming)
DeHavilland Otter DHC3
DeHavilland Otter DHC3
DeHavilland Twin Otter DHC6
DeHavilland Twin Otter DHC6
Diamond DA40
Discus LS Schemhirth Glider
EADS Socata TB-9 Tampico
EADS Socata Tobago
EADS Socata TBM-700 2C
EADS Socata TBM-850
Embraer Phenom 100
Ercoupe 415C
Ercoupe 415
Extra 200
Extra 300
Extra 300 | cockpit detail - Patty Wagstaff, Famous stunt pilot.
Extra 330LX
F-8F Furias PPG stunt plane
Fairchild PT23
Globe Temco Swift
Globe Swift
Great Lakes Trainer
Grumman AG CAT G-164 | display stand
Grumman Cougar | Underside view
Grumman Tiger
Grumman Tiger
Grumman Widgeon
Grumman Widgeon
Gulfstream TurboCommander 690
Gulfstream TurboCommander 980
Gulfstream TurboCommander 980
Helio Courier, H-250 | Left portrait | cabin closeup | display stand | tail detail
Helio Courier
Howard DGA15
Husky A-1C
Jabiru J230
Kit Fox
L-39 Albatross (light blue camo) | display stand
L-39 Albatross
L-39 Albatross (soviet livery) | display stand
L39 Albatross
L39 Albatross (blue)
L39C (thunderbird paint scheme) | display stand
L39 Albatross (soviet livery)
Lake LA-400 Buccaneer
Lake LA-400 Buccaneer | display stand
Lake Buccaneer
Lake Buccaneer | underside detail
Lake Sea Fury Amphibian
Lake LA4-200 Amphibian
Lake Amphibian
Lancair 350
Lancair | display stand
Lancair IV-P Turbo
Lancair IV-P Twin Turbo
Laser 230

click to view display full size
Display made for an airport lobby

Liberty Jet
Lockwood AirCam | cockpit detail
Air-Cam, Ultra light
Air-Cam, Ultra light
Maule MX-7-180
Mitsubishi Marquise | Side Detail | Another detail shot of this beautiful model.
Mitsubishi MU-2
Mitsubishi MU-2
Mitsubishi MU-2
Mitsubishi MU-2B
Mooney 201
Mooney MK21
Mooney M20
Mooney M20R
Mooney M20
Mooney M20 - N9163Q
Mooney M20 - N154MP
Mooney M21
Mooney Super M21
Mooney Ovation
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12
Piper 2000 - University of Illinois Flight School
Piper Aerstar
Piper Aerstar
Piper Aerostar 700
Piper Aerostar 700
Piper Archer
Piper Archer
Piper Archer II | underside view
Piper Arrow III
Piper Arrow
Piper Arrow
Piper Aztec
Piper Aztec | display stand
Piper Aztec
Piper Aztec
Piper Aztec
Piper Cherokee 140
Piper Cherokee 180
Piper Cherokee
Piper Cherokee
Piper Cherokee
Piper Cherokee | display stand
Piper Cherokee PA28
Piper Cherokee PA28-140 | underside view
Piper Cherokee 235
Piper Cheyenne
Piper Cheyenne
Piper Cheyenne | underside view
Piper Cheyenne
Piper Commanche
Piper Commanche C
Piper Commanche 250
Piper Colt
Piper Colt
Piper J3 Cub Float plane
Piper Dakota
Piper JetProp DLX
Piper Malibu Jetprop (PA46)
Piper Malibu Mirage
Piper Malibu Mirage/JetProp DLX
Piper Meridian (PA-46T)
Piper Meridian
Piper Mohave
Piper Navajo Chieftain
Piper Navajo Panther
Piper Saratoga Turbo
Piper Saratoga II Turbo
Piper Seminole
Piper Seminole
Piper PA-44 180 Seminole
Piper Seneca II
Piper Seneca III
Piper Seneca IV
Piper Seneca V
Piper Seneca Turbo
Piper Super Cub
Piper Super Cub
Piper Super Cub
Piper Super Cub
Piper Tomahawk
Piper Tomahawk (blue)
Piper Tomahawk (red)
Piper Tomahawk
Piper Turbo Arrow
Piper Turbo Lance
Piper Turbo Lance
Piper Warrior
Pitts Special | Cowl Detail
Pitts Special | Cowl Detail
Pitts Special | Head on view | Cowl detail | Display stand
Pitts Special
RANS S-6E Coyote
Republic Sea Bee | starboard 3/4 portrait | tail detail
Rockwell Commander 690
Rockwell Commander 700 | display stand
Rockwell Commander 980 | side profile
Rockwell 114 GT
Ryan PT-22 (1942)
Ryan Navion
Ryan Navion | Underside view
Ryan STA
Spartan Executive | Underside view
Starduster Too
Stinson Stationwagon
Stearman - Blue w/yellow trim.
Steen Skybolt
Steen Skybolt
Taylorcraft (red)
Taylorcraft (yellow)
Taylorcraft (Red)
Taifun 17E powered glider
Thurston TSC-1A
VANS Aircraft RV-6A, "Judy in Deskies" | display stand
VANS, RV7 (checkerboard)
Waco UPF-7 | nose detail | display stand
Waco UPF-7 | Right side view | underside view
Waco UPF-7
YAK CJ6 (Soviet paint)
Zlin | Display Stand
Zlin 142

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