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Custom US Army Air Force Models

Custom Model Pricing & Ordering Information
The size & scale of the below models are only examples of what other customers have ordered. We can make any custom model in any size you would like.

To obtain special pricing on any custom model, or to place an order, please call 1-800-866-3172 (1-954-344-8512) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM EST weekdays or send email to Joel Rosen at You may FAX us at 1-954-344-8870.

AT7, Navigator
AT-9 "Jeep"
AT-9 "Jeep" | small but detailed
AT-11 | Display Stand
AT-11 Kansan
A20 Havoc
A20G Havoc, 671st Bomb Squadron
A-26 Invader, 38th BG
A26C, 452nd Bomb Wing (Korea) | fuselage detail
A29 - Lockheed Hudson
B10-B Martin
B17E - "My Gal Sal" | display stand
B17F - "Rosies Riveters", 100th BG
B17G, 306th Bomb Group
B17G, 100th Bomb Group
B17G, 351st Bomb Group
B17G, 385th Bomb Group
B17G, 303rd Bomb Group
B17G, 100th Bomb Group, "Milk Run Mabel" | display stand
B17G, 381st Bomb Group
B17G, Firebomber
B17G, Texas Raiders
B17G, 94th BG
B17G, 95th Bomb Group
B17G "Morts Orphans" | Nose Detail | Display Stand
B17G "Fuddy Duddy", made for the National Warplane Museum | Nose Detail | Display Stand
B17G "Aluminum Overcast" | Nose detail
B17G "Nine O Nine" | top view | Nose Detail
B17G "Agnes" | Display Stand
B17G, 96th Bomb Group (made for P.O.W.) | Display Stand
B17F "Furlough Myrtle", 306th BG - Thurleigh England | nose art detail | display stand
B17G, 398th BG - Nuthampstead England | display stand
B17G, 384th Bomb Group
B17G, 351st Bomb Group
B17G, 351st Bomb Group
B17G, 100th Bomb Group
B17G, 96th Bomb Group
B17F, 97th Bomb Group
B17F, 303rd Bomb Group, "Thumper Again" | display stand
B17G, 390th Bomb Group, "Liberty Belle"
B17G, "Little Patches" 91st BG
B17G, 486th BG
B17G, 99th BG
B17G, 381st BG
B17F, 100th BG
B17G, 398th BG
B17G, 452nd BG - "Arkansas Rambler" | nose art detail
B17G, 490th BG
B17G, 92nd BG
B17G, 381st BG
B17G, 91st Bomb Group
B17G, 100th BG, "Miss Conduct" | display stand
B18 Bolo, 432nd Attack Squadron
B23 Dragon, 432nd Attack Squadron
B-24J "Dutchess", 343rd Bomb Group 15TH Air Force
B24J - "Ten Gun Dottie", 458th BG
B24J, 459th Bomb Group
B24J, 448th Bomb Group, "Commanche" | display stand
B24J, 494th Bomb Group
B-24J, 485th Bomb Group
B24H, 466th Bomb Group | Display Stand
B24H, 492nd BG, "Boulder Buff" | Fuselage Detail | Display Stand
B24, 15th AF | Display Stand
B24J, 445th Bomb Group | Display Stand
B24J "Stork Club" | Nose detail
B24J "Rough n Ready" | Nose detail
B24J "Tarheel Baby" | nose art
B24 "Moby Dick" | Nose art detail
B24J "Tall Torrid & Texas" | Nose art detail
B24J, 461st BG, "Ten Gun Dottie"
B24J, 446th BG
B24 "Red Hot Riding Hood" | nose art detail | custom stand
B24D "Jolly Rogers" | nose art detail
B24D "Strawberry Bitch" | port nose detail | starboard detail (the bitch) :)
B24D "Warm Front"
B24J "Swamp Rat", 450th BG - Manduria Italy | fuselage detail | Display stand
B24J 445th BG - Tibenham England | Display stand
B24A/LB30 "Jungle Queen" | fuselage detail
B24D, Hail Columbia | nose art
B24, 459th Bomb Group
B24, 90th Bomb Group (Jolly Rogers)
B24J, "Jolly Rogers"
B24H, 466th Bomb Group
B24J, 449th BG (Italy) | display stand
B24J, 93rd BG
B24H, 445th BG
B24J, 308th BG
B24J, 449th BG
B24J, 5th BG, 13th Air Force | display stand
B24H, "Tahelenbak", 445th BG | nose art detail
B24J, 458th BG, "You can't take it with you" (Leroy Huerta) | nose art detail | display stand
B25J "KillerB"
B25J (bat nose graphic)
B25J, 22nd Bomb Squadron
B25J, "Georgies Gal" (Angel) | nose art closeup (Devil)
TB-25 Trainer (USAF)
B26C, 13th Bomb Squadron (Korea)
B26C "Better Duck" | nose art detail
B26C "Feeding Frenzy" | nose art detail
B26 Marauder USAF
B26C - Marines/Pacific Theatre
B26C - D-Day Livery 20" w/s
B26C, 432nd Attack Squadron
B26 "Mile Run Special", 397th BG | nose art detail | display stand
B26C, 17th Bomb Wing
B29A (Korea)
B29A, 498th Bomb Group
B29A, 29th BG
B29, 39th Bomb Group
B29, 80th Bomb Wing
B29, 20th Bomb Group
B29A "Our Gal", | Nose Detail | Display Stand | Robin with Model
B29A "Captain Sam & the Ten Scents" | Nose Detail | Display Stand
B29 Enola Gay Commemmorative, signed by General Tibbets
B29A "Our Gal" | nose detail
B29A "Our Gal" | nose detail
B29A "Heavenly Body"
B29A "Pride of Yankees"
B29A "The Padre" | nose detail
B29A "Bocks Car", ended WWII by bombing Nagasaki | nose detail
B29A, 505th Bomb Group | Fuselage Closeup
B29A "Su Su Baby", 500th BG | nose art detail | display stand
B29A "Fortunes Follies" | nose art detail
B29A "Moonshine Raiders" | nose art detail
BT13 Army Air Force
BT13 Army Air Force
BT13, US Army Trainer | fuselage detail | display stand
BT13 Valiant
C45 Transport
C47, "Henry"- D-Day
C47, 15th TCS | display stand
C47 "Passionate Patches | Nose detail - Flew the hump from 1942 - 1945.
C47 D-Day Livery | Display Stand
C47, 82nd Airborne (D-Day) | display stand
C47, Eurpoean Air Transport Service
C47 - 349TH Troop Transport
L5 (OY-1)
L5 Sentinel
P12 | engine detail | example of size
P36A (Pearl Harbor hero) | side view
P38J, 49th FG, Gerald Johnson (16.5 kills) | Portrait of LT. Col Johnson
P38 "Glacier Girl"
P38J 51st FG | display stand
P38J, 20" w/s
P38J Lightning, "Mama's Boy"
P38J Lightning, "Peg O my Heart II" | Nose art detail
P38J "PUDGY", T.B. McGuire (ace) (silver paint) | P38 Nose art detail
P38J "PUDGY", T.B. McGuire (ace) (OD paint) | P38 Nose art detail
P38L Night Lightning | fuselage detail closeup
P38J Lightning, "Shark"
P38 (F5A) Photo Recon | fuselage closeup
P38J, 73rd FS "Baby Doll" | display stand
P39 Aircobra 20" w/s
P39 "The Pantie Bandit" | nose detail
P40 Flying Tiger, Tex Hill - Autographed | above view showing autograph | autograph closeup
P40B - Tomahawk
P40 Tomahawk, R.T. Smith
P40 Tomahawk, Gen. T. Hill
P40E Flying Tigers
P40E, 14th AAF
P40N "Lulu Belle" | Nose Detail
P40N "Parrot"
P40N Flying Tigers, "Shirley II"
P47B, "My Gal Sal"
P47B, "Sniffles"
P47D, "Sniffles"
P47D, 50th FG
P47D, 362nd Fighter Group
P47D "Gabreski"
P47 "Gabreski" Commemorative, signed picture
P47D "Angie" | Complimentary Model Stand
P47D "Shoot You're Faded" | Nose art close up
P47D "Margie Mc"
P47B "Louisiana Pirate" | nose art
P47 "War Eagle", Capt. J.P. Maxwell | Fuselage detail | underside view | with wheels down | Display stand
P47B "War Eagle" | Nose Detail
P47B, 356th FG
P47D, 405th FG | display stand
P47N, Thunderbolt
P51B, 357th Fighter Group
P51D, "Blue Moon"
P51D, "Shoo Shoo Baby"
P51D, "Texas Girl"
P51D "Cincinnati Miss"
P51D "Man o war"
P51D "Drews Meatball" | Display stand
P51D "Cripes A'Mighty" WW2 Grand National Champion at 2002 Oshkosh
Fuselage Detail | Display stand | Full page display

P51D "San Antonio Rose" | Fuselage Detail | Display stand
P51D | Display stand
P51D Lou IV
P51D "Marie", Capt. Freddie Ohr, 13 kills | Fuselage detail | Display stand
P51D "American Eagle" | nose art
P51C "Macon Belle" Tuskeegee Ace Lee Archer | nose art
P51D "West Virginian" | nose art
P51D "Big Beautiful Doll" | nose art
P51D "Miss Alberta"
P51D "Mighty Goose" | nose art | cockpit | Display Stand
P51D, "American Beauty", Capt. John Voll, 21 Kills
P51D "Shangrila" | "Shangrila" nose art
P51D "Manowar"
P51D "Damn Yankee"
P51D "Nervous Energy V" | Display stand
P51D, 355th FS
P51D, "American Beauty", Capt. John Voll, 21 Kills | display stand
P51D, Miss Marguerite
P51D, 15th FG (Iwo Jima)
P51D, "Voodoo" Unlimited Air Racing | Display Stand
P51K, "Fragile but Agile" | nose art closeup
P-61 Black Widow, "Lady in the Dark", shot down last 2 planes of WW2 | Nose Detail
PBY-5A Catalina
PBY-5A (USAF Rescue)
PBY USAF 24" W/S w/depth charge bombs
P-6E Curtiss Hawk - GORGEOUS!!
PE-6 Curtiss Hawk
P-26 Peashooter | Engine Detail | display stand
P-26 Peashooter | Fuselage Detail | Engine Detail | cockpit detail | example of size
P26 Peashooter, made for the USAF Museum | front closeup
Spitfire - USAAF Markings
N2S Stearman | engine detail
Stearman (USAF)
N2S Stearman Navy - comparison of standard vs. oversize models
PT-17 Stearman (Hi Detail)
PT-17 Stearman | display stand
PT-19 Cornell
PT-22 - Ryan Recruit | Another view
PT-23 Cornell
Waco CG-4A, Glider

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