From the Desk of : Alan Abgarian

Date: February 11, 2001


Just received and unpacked the Lancaster bomber and P-38 Lightning "Mamaís Boy". After our conversation, I knew the Lancaster would be outstanding but, I have to say the P-38 is gorgeous! The artists (and I donít use that word lightly) are to be congratulated. The quality of the carving, detail and paint are truly the "BEST" I have ever seen. As I sit here at my computer and gaze at all the models surrounding me, the P-38 brings a smile to my face. I would like you to pass this letter on to the person(s) responsible for this wonderful model and give them my sincere thanks for a job beautifully done.

The addition of the models to my room has made it an extension of my desires and love of aircraft, especially those of World War II vintage. The company and person responsible for these beauties is definitely the one I prefer to use for everything you have built for me in the future. They very obviously take great pride in what they do and it certainly shows in the finished model.


Stay in touch,


Alan Abgarian