Motion Models - Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
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Ships in Class:

DDG-51 USS Arleigh Burke
DDG-52 USS Barry
DDG-53 USS John Paul Jones
DDG-54 USS Curtis Wilbur
DDG-55 USS Stout
DDG-56 USS John S. McCain
DDG-57 USS Mitscher
DDG-58 USS Laboon
DDG-59 USS Russell
DDG-60 USS Paul Hamilton
DDG-61 USS Ramage
DDG-62 USS Fitzgerald
DDG-63 USS Stethem
DDG-64 USS Carney
DDG-65 USS Benfold
DDG-66 USS Gonzales
DDG-67 USS Cole
DDG-68 USS The Sullivans
DDG-69 USS Milius
DDG-70 USS Hopper
DDG-71 USS Ross
DDG-72 USS Mahan
DDG-73 USS Decatur
DDG-74 USS McFaul
DDG-75 USS Donald Cook
DDG-76 USS Higgins
DDG-77 USS O'Kane
DDG-78 USS Porter
DDG-79 USS Oscar Austin
DDG-80 USS Roosevelt
DDG-81 USS Winston S. Churchill
DDG-82 USS Lassen
DDG-83 USS Howard
DDG-84 USS Bulkeley
DDG-85 USS McCampbell
DDG-86 USS Shoup
DDG-87 USS Mason
DDG-88 USS Preble
DDG-89 USS Mustin
DDG-90 USS Chafee
DDG-91 USS Pinckney
DDG-92 USS Momsen
DDG-93 USS Chung-Hoon
DDG-94 USS Nitze
DDG-95 USS James E. Williams
DDG-96 USS Bainbridge
DDG-97 USS Halsey
DDG-98 USS Forrest Sherman
DDG-99 USS Farragut
DDG-100 Kidd
DDG-101 Gridley
DDG-102 Sampson
DDG-103 Truxtun
DDG-104 Sterett
DDG-105 Dewey
DDG-106 Stockdale
DDG-107 Gravely
DDG-108 Wayne E. Meyer
DDG-109 Jason Dunham
DDG-110 William P. Lawrence
DDG-111 Spruance
DDG-112 Michael Murphy


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