Motion Models - USS Salt Lake City. CA-25 (1941)
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Customer Testimonial
From: Richard Noar

Dear Pete,
UPS delivered my model today. I took the first side off the wooden crate and had to sit down for ten or fifteen minutes just to absorb the beauty of that model! What great work you have done. I look at that ship, and all the tales my dad told me of "Ol Swayback" come flooding back. The only regret I have concerning the model is that my dad isn't here to see it! Marvelous job. Please give my regards to all who had a hand in it's construction. And one more thing. The care that went into the crating was a work of art in itself. I would not hesitate to recommend Motion Models to anyone who may be thinking of dealing with you and your Company.
Sincerely yours,
Richard A. Noar




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