Motion Models - Essex Class Aircraft Carrier
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Please compare the detail on our models with other companies so called "museum quality" models. Motion Models is the ship model of choice for many museums both here and abroad.
We make all the Essex Class Carriers, call us for yours!

Ships in Class:

CV-9 USS Essex
CV-10 USS Yorktown
CV-11 USS Intrepid
CV-12 USS Hornet
CV-13 USS Franklin
CV-14 USS Ticonderoga
CV-15 USS Randolph
CV-16 USS Lexington
CV-17 USS Bunker Hill
CV-18 USS Wasp
CV-19 USS Hancock
CV-20 USS Bennington
CV-21 USS Boxer
CV-31 USS Bon Homme Richard
CV-32 USS Leyte
CV-33 USS Kearsarge
CV-34 USS Oriskany
CV-35 USS Reprisal
CV-36 USS Antietam
CV-37 USS Princeton
CV-38 USS Shangri-La
CV-39 USS Lake Champlain
CV-40 USS Tarawa
CV-45 USS Valley Forge
CV-46 USS Iwo Jima
CV-47 USS Philippine Sea


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