Motion Models - AD-19 USS Yosemite
Available in standard scales or CUSTOM SIZES to fit your needs
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Ask us to make any of the following Destroyer Tenders (AD) models for you!
Destroyer Tenders (AD) - All classes listed.

AD-1 Dixie
AD-2 Melville
AD-3 Dobbin
AD-4 Whitney
AD-5 Prairie
AD-6 Panther
AD-7 Leonidas
AD-8 Buffalo
AD-9 Black Hawk
AD-10 Bridgeport
AD-11 Altair
AD-12 Denebola
AD-13 Rigel
AD-14 Dixie
AD-15 Prairie
AD-16 Cascade
AD-17 Piedmont
AD-18 Sierra
AD-19 Yosemite
AD-20 Hamul
AD-21 Markab
AD-22 Klondike
AD-23 Arcadia
AD-24 Everglades
AD-25 Frontier
AD-26 Shenandoah
AD-27 Yellowstone
AD-28 Grand Canyon
AD-29 Isle Royal
AD-30 Great Lakes
AD-31 Tidewater
AD-32 New England
AD-33 Canopus
AD-34 Alcor
AD-35 Arrowhead
AD-36 Bryce Canyon
AD-37 Samuel Gompers
AD-38 Puget Sound
AD-41 Yellowstone
AD-42 Acadia
AD-43 Cape Cod
AD-44 Shenandoah





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