Motion Models - ARS-6 Escape
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Ships in Class:

USS Viking (ARS-1)
USS Crusader (ARS-2)
USS Discoverer (ARS-3)
USS Redwing (ARS-4)
USS Diver (ARS-5)
USS Escape (ARS-6)
USS Grapple (ARS-7)
USS Preserver (ARS-8)
USS Shackle (ARS-9)
USS Assistance (ARS-10)
USS Warbler (ARS-11)
USS Willett (ARS-12)
USS Anchor (ARS-13)
USS Protector (ARS-14)
USS Extractor (ARS-15)
USS Extricate (ARS-16)
USS Restorer (ARS-17)
USS Rescuer (ARS-18)
USS Cable (ARS-19)
USS Chain (ARS-20)
USS Curb (ARS-21)
USS Current (ARS-22)
USS Deliver (ARS-23)
USS Grasp (ARS-24)
USS Safeguard (ARS-25)
USS Seize (ARS-26)
USS Snatch (ARS-27)
USS Valve (ARS-28)
USS Vent (ARS-29)
USS Accelerate (ARS-30)
USS Harjurand (ARS-31)
USS Brant (ARS-32)
USS Clamp (ARS-33)
USS Gear (ARS-34)
USS Weight (ARS-35)
USS Swivel (ARS-36)
USS Tackle (ARS-37)
USS Bolster (ARS-38)
USS Conserver (ARS-39)
USS Hoist (ARS-40)
USS Opportune (ARS-41)
USS Reclaimer (ARS-42)
USS Recovery (ARS-43)
USS Retriever (ARS-44)
USS Skillful (ARS-45)
USS Support (ARS-46)
USS Toiler (ARS-47)
USS Urgent (ARS-48)
USS Willing (ARS-49)
USS Safeguard (ARS-50)
USS Grasp (ARS-51)
USS Salvor (ARS-52)
USS Grapple (ARS-53)



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