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Testimonial Letters

We here at Motion Models are proud of the models we provide. In doing so, we've recieved several unsolicited letters from customers who've let us know they were happy with our services. A few examples are listed below -

  • Admiral Leighton "Snuffy" Smith, USN (ret) - for the personalized USS America.
  • John Travolta - for the personalized 707.
  • Stanley Blish Lt. Cdr. USN (ret) - for the personalized A7 Corsair.
  • Alan Abgarian - for the custom made Lancaster bomber and P-38 Lightning "Mama’s Boy"
  • Ken Huntington - for the special order USS Anzio CVE-57.
  • Michael Campbell, ATC (VFA87) - for the special order S3B White House Presentation.
  • Vice Admiral H.C. Mustin (RET) - for the special order USS Mustin, DDG-89.
  • Capt. Robert D. Roy - for the special order B24 Liberator.
  • Art Johnsen - for the special order C130E Hercules.
  • Jeff Batten - for the special order F102 Delta Dagger.
  • Ralph Peters - for the special order Coolbaugh (DE-217).

  • Joel - the model arrived safely and looks great, thanks for nice
    job you did on it! Best wishes, Bob Nutwell
    - Via Email
    Click here to view Admiral Robert Nutwell's (Assistant Secretary of Defense) A7 Corsair II.

    John Travoltas Den with custom built 707 John Travoltas custom made 707
    John Travolta's Custom made 707 sitting proudly in his den

    Hi Joel, Just wanted to drop a note to you and your staff for getting my order to me in time for our trade show. The models were an absolute hit at the show. Thank you for the attention to detail and completing the orders within the tight requirements that we had. Enjoyed working with everyone. - Best Regards, Joe Downing

    Custom F-16 | tail detail | ordnance detail | Robin holding model
    Jeanette and i are thrilled with the outstanding quality of craftmanship that went into this model ! We shall certainly treasure it. By the way, did you look down the air intake? - they even installed a metal fan blade assembly similar to the A-10 ! Wish to thank you for getting us high quality models and your concern with our satisfaction. As you know there is a wide range in the quality available in these hand crafted models. When we deal with you we are confident that we will receive the kind of quality that we desire at a fair price.
    Kind Regards, Pete Hofman
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