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Please compare the detail on our models with other companies so called "museum quality" models. Motion Models is the ship model of choice for many museums both here and abroad.
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Customer Testimonial
Hi Joel,

My husband Butch and daughter Alex picked up the USCGC Agassiz from Peter two weeks ago. I'm just getting the opportunity to write about their visit but it's ok because a new order is included.

Butch and Alex were treated like family when they were with Peter and Linda. They are both (according to my family) such warm and friendly people. I had to work that Sunday but promised I would be available next time when we pick up the next model. I can't wait to meet them. Peter showed them some of his other work and they were so impressed with the detail and perfection with which Peter gives to his work. He explained how to prepare the model case and insert the Agassiz. Well, my husband had two patrol boats during his stay in Glouster, NJ and would like to have models made of both. Butch and Alex are still talking about their visit.

Well, to start and after some discussion with Peter, we would like to order a 30' Coast Guard patrol boat. Peter recommended an 11" model would make a very nice display. This would be 1:32 scale. We would like one figure, plus the flags and boat number on it. Peter showed them pictures of the 30' just to confirm. I'm going to find some pictures we took in Gloucester so Peter can design it as it looked when my husband had it.

Also, after we brought the Agassiz home and after seeing the figures and flags, we asked Peter to provide 3 figures for the Agassiz .. two seamen and a Chief PO .. all 1" in size. Additionally, we are getting the call flags (4) plus a Coast Guard flag for the mast. The cost for this can be added to our new order.

Please call my cell phone or have Judy call and I'll give you my credit card number again. I can call you or Judy if you prefer. My cell number is xxxxxxx.

Well, this has been an amazing experience and my husband is elated with the Agassiz. Alex and I were finally able to give him the gift he really deserves and will always cherish. Fortunately for us, we know Alex will treasure it long after we're gone.

Thank you,
Mary Ann





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