Motion Models - A-26 Invader

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Stock model, part # AM203-AR Custom made A26 Intruder (Vietnam)

Order #   Model Description   Price   Scale   Length   Wing Span
AM203-AR   A-26 Invader "Whistlers Mother"   129.95   1/28   16.5"   22.5"
B6748B3W   A-26 Invader (Night paint)   144.51   1/48   12.75"   17.36"
Custom   A-26 452nd BW   CALL   call    
Custom   A-26C 452nd BW (Korea)   CALL   call    
Custom   A-26 38th BG   CALL   call    
Custom   RB-26C   CALL   call    
Custom   A-26 Vietnam   CALL   call    

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