Motion Models - C-47 Dakota

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Stock model, part # AM212-BR Custom made C47 Skytrain

Order #   Model Description   Price   Scale   Length   Wing Span
AM212-AR   C-47 Dakota, Gray, USAF   129.95   1/51.5   15.0"   21.5"
AM212-BR   C-47 Dakota, Silver, USAF   129.95   1/51.5   15.0"   21.5"
AM212-DR   C-47 Dakota "Buzz Buggy"   129.95   1/51.5   15.0"   21.5"
AM212-ER   C-47 Dakota, Gray, Navy   129.95   1/51.5   15.0"   21.5"
AM212-FR   C-47 Dakota, Silver, Navy   129.95   1/51.5   15.0"   21.5"
A1472P2/2W   C-47A Skytrain (silver)   144.51   1/72   11.0"   16.0"
A1472P2/1W   C-47A Skytrain (O/D Grey)   114.95   1/72   11.0"   16.0"
Custom   VC47D, VIP   call      
Custom   C47, EATS   call      
Custom   C47, D-Day   call      
Custom   C47, 15th TCS   call      
Custom   C47, 349TH Troop Transport   call      
Custom   C47, 82nd Airborne   call      
Custom   C47, D-Day Livery   call      
Custom   C47, Burma Theatre   call      
Custom   AC47, "Spooky"   call      
Custom   AC47, 4th ACS   call      
Custom   EC47, "Spooky"   call      

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